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2019 A to Z Wineworks Rosé

2019 A to Z Wineworks Rosé

The 2019 A to Z Oregon Rosé is made with intention from grape to glass. OREGONICALLY GROWN®.

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Tasting Notes

The classic 2019 A to Z Rosé is a delicate, lovely blush color. Fresh aromatics suggest strawberries, watermelon, cranberry, blood-orange and guava alongside pretty floral notes of rose petals, honeysuckle, linden and subtle sweet pea flowers (linalool). The aromas are mirrored in the palate along with hints of lemongrass, rooibos or hibiscus tea, grenadine, honey, quince and orange zest.  A crisp yet creamy texture supports the modest, juicy acidity and low tannin levels. The wine is smooth and refreshing, so easy to like!


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Pairs well with

Complex, spicy, and herbaceous dishes that skew towards the bounty of Spring and Summer; think picnic.

Watermelon, feta & mint
Crispy hors d'oeuvres with spicy sauces
Grilled shellfish
Fish & chips
Potato salad with bacon- for that matter, most anything with bacon

Vindaloo, harissa, mustard-based, mayonnaise-based

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