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2019 A to Z Wineworks Riesling

2019 A to Z Wineworks Riesling

Juicy and textured, the 2019 A to Z Riesling is a versatile food wine! OREGONICALLY GROWN®.

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Tasting Notes

The beautiful 2019 A to Z Oregon Riesling offers compelling aromatics and bright acidity with a perfect touch of discreet sweetness. The vibrant nose and palate meld beautifully to entice with an array of aromas and flavors reminiscent of lemon and apple blossoms, honeysuckle, rosehip tea, lychee, honeydew, ginger, lime, mandarin orange, marmalade, apricot, pear, yellow plum and peach. The 2019 A to Z Oregon Riesling has a great personality with a superb, juicy, refreshing finish.

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Pairs well with

Spicy, salty, and complex cuisine like Indian, Asian, Spanish, North African, and Central & South American, as well as simple, pleasant dishes like a stew from Alsace.

Shellfish, oysters, and ceviche
Pretzels & mustard
Pickled things

Sriracha, citrus, curries, mustard-based